By Daniel Kalotov

Gifts for Clients - Why Use Wallet Ninja to Promote Yourself?

Are you looking for great marketing freebies? How do you show clients how much you care about their business?  Aside from providing stellar services, gifts will keep your brand in clients' minds all year.  Corporate gifts can be for colleagues, employees, or customers to show a little extra gratitude.

Of course, the specific purposes of a business marketing gift is to show appreciation, but don't forget its other motive - to market your brand.  The best business marketing gifts will leave customers happy, appreciated, and (hopefully) remember your brand's name.  Marketing gifts for clients can help attract new customers, show appreciation for your current clients, and advertise your brand.

The Wallet Ninja is the practical gift that will continue promoting your logo.  Learn how to choose the best marketing gifts for clients and discover why the Wallet Ninja is the unique gadget taking over the corporate gifting world by storm.


The key to a no-fail marketing gift is to consider budget-friendly items and something you are proud to hand out.

First, it's essential to know what you should look out for while selecting giveaway items.  Whether you plan on giving customers a freebie with a purchase or need to fill hundreds of swag bags at a conference or trade show, a good marketing gift is usually something tangible, practical, and linked to your business to some extent.  The days of free pens and branded coffee mugs are long gone.  Instead, unique, functional, and fun gifts are much more appreciated.

Marketing gifts for clients have a simple purpose - thank customers for their business.  However, there are a few ground rules to selecting the best business marketing gifts.  Here's everything to consider.

Make it Valuable: Marketing gifts don't have to be overly expensive, but they should fulfill a need or appear valuable to whoever receives them.

It Should be Useful: People don't want throwaway items.  Give out something that serves some practical purpose.  The more relevant the gift is, the more the customer will think of your brand every time they reach for it.

No Food Items: Perishable gifts like food items are easy to destroy and lose their value immediately.  Try to avoid anything that will spoil or is easily breakable during transportation.

Plus, with so many allergies today, it's best to steer clear of giving away anything food-related to be on the safe side.

Gifts Should be Compact: Big or bulky items that take up too much storage space are often headed straight to the closest trash can.  However, keep in mind that you may be responsible for bringing the items to a conference or event, so you don't want the hassle of transporting a large gift - select small and easily transportable marketing gifts for clients.

User Friendly: The gift should be simple to use, safe, and never pose a choking hazard to children.  Stay away from items with tiny loose pieces that could end up in the wrong hands (or months).

Make Sure it's On Brand: Finally, an ideal business marketing gift will remind customers about your brand or business whenever they use the item.  You can remind customers about you with custom brandings like adding your logo, colors, or contact information.



Are you looking for a practical, personal gift that the receiver can use daily?  Using marketing gifts is one of the most cost-effective and straightforward ways to get your name out there.  The Wallet Ninja ticks all of the boxes above.

The Wallet Ninja is an 18 in 1 tool including daily essentials like a bottle opener, an inch ruler, fruit peeler, eyeglass screwdriver, a letter opener, and more.  Each tiny device fits into the compact Wallet Ninja that's the size of a credit card.

The compact multitool is small, lightweight, and durable.  It's made from 4x heat-treated stainless steel and comes with a lifetime guarantee to never rust, bend, or dull.


Personalized marketing gifts for clients will always generate a more positive response than trinkets that take up space and are quickly forgotten.  So give away items that people will be excited to receive and use.  The more creative and personal your freebies are, the more likely customers and colleagues will remember you.


Brand your giveaway items to ensure clients, customers, or colleagues feel a connection.  The Wallet Ninja can be 100% customized.  Add a logo, your business address, contact information, your name, or any other text to the card's exterior.  Colors are unlimited.  Pick and choose the shades that correlate with your brand.

The Wallet Ninja is ultra-compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport to work events, storefronts, office parties, or trade shows.  So next time you're in charge of thinking of a great marketing gift for clients, the Wallet Ninja is your new go-to.

To place a bulk order for customized Wallet Ninjas, please click here.  Bulk orders start as low as 100 units and go up to as many as you need.  Wallet Ninja custom marketing gifts are ready and shipped to you in only ten days.