The Beginning

The Wallet Ninja was originally designed and created in 2013 by our CEO Alexander Shlaferman with three things in mind; Innovation, convenience, and value.

These three ideas became the core values of the company and following those values as we pursued our mission to make a more compact and efficient world.

The Success

The success of the Wallet Ninja was immediate with the Wallet Ninja almost taking a life of it's own. Fans of the Wallet Ninja have started to appear all over the world and you could find the Wallet Ninja on every major news channel and being sold in every major retailer as the hottest selling Christmas gift year after year.

The success of the Wallet Ninja has become something that no one could have predicted with over 25,000,000 Wallet Ninjas have now been sold since the launch of the company back in 2013.

Past and Current Partners

The Rebrand

On the 10 year anniversary since the birth of the Wallet Ninja, we have been working tirelessly to reimagine what the Wallet Ninja could be and taking it to new heights.

We have taken the Wallet Ninja and have given it a new life by improving on the design and also adding a new 19th tool as well as giving it a brand new look and feel while remembering our original core values to bring Innovation, Convenience and Value to everything that we do.

Proudly designed and fully patented in the USA

  • Patent D753479
  • Patent D751877
  • Patent D866276