TSA Notice

While flying with our tools it is important to stay informed​.

Though TSA does not provide an official approval certificate on any of its items, the only thing we can ensure is that our tools will fit inside of their guidelines. Most TSA Agents are uninformed themselves and will use a conservative approach​ when dealing with an unknown situation. It’s a lot easier for them to say something is prohibited and move on than doing their due diligence.

According to the official TSA website:  Our tools meet the guidelines because:
1. There are no actual “blades” or sharp edges, the entire unit is rounded off with soft corners.
2. The entire tool isn’t longer than 4 inches. Metal with pointed tips shorter than 4 inches are very much permitted.

If a TSA Agent gives you issues, please ask to speak to a supervisor who should be more informed of these rules.

Wallet Ninja is confirmed to be TSA-Friendly in the USA only.  All countries have their own guidelines and restrictions.