By Daniel Kalotov

How To Use Corporate Gifting To Grow Your Business

Corporate gifting can be used as a growth tactic for your business.  Gifts help build relationships, boost brand loyalty, and can help grow your business - when done right.  There are a few rules to remember when optimizing your corporate gifting program.

What gifts make the biggest impact?  How will giving away items build my business?  Here's a closer look at how to use corporate gifting as a growth tactic for your business.

Quick Stats: Growing your business with corporate gifts is one of the most effective ways to advertise your brand.  Studies have shown that over 50% of gift recipients said their impression of a company improved, while close to 80% said they would do business with company again.

Corporate gifting builds brand trust, awareness and keeps your business in the customer's mind.  Many companies rely on referrals to gain new clients.  Gifts can help entice others to recommend your business and build trust.

Use the 5 tips below to create an effective marketing campaing using corporate gifts.

1.  Set Promotional Goals

Why are you considering corporate gifts?  Is it to show appreciation for your customers?  Do you want to strengthen your relationship with potential clients?  Perhaps you want to attract new leads?

The best way to achieve growth is to give something valuable and practical.  You want an item that will leave a lasting impression on the user.  The Wallet Ninja is one of the leading corporate gifts of 2021.  Why?  You can customize the tiny 18 in 1 tool with your brand's colors, logo, contact information, and more.

2.  When is The Right Time to Gift? 

It can be hard to choose the right occasion for a corporate gift.  The holidays might be the most typical but not the most memorable.  So when you're using corporate gifting to grow your business, try capitalizing on unexpected timing to make a great impact.

Here are a few (not-so-obvious) scenarios that may be an appropriate time to give a corporate gift.  Keep in mind it's not just customers who help grow a business.  Don't forget about your employees.  After all, they are the backbone of a successful company.

  • You can send custom gifts to celebrate a company milestone.
  • Corporate gifts can make a great welcome package for a new employee.
  • Give a gift to celebrate an employee anniversary.
  • You can use gifting in collaboration with a PR stunt, social media campaign, or gift with purchase.
  • Offer corporate gift at conferences and trade shows to colleagues, partners, or potential clients.

3.  Make Sure Corporate Gifts Are Branded

Branded promotional merchandise can drastically help spread brand awareness.  For example, you want items that you can easily customize with your brand's colors, signature text, logos, or any other branding that will remind people of your business.

Whenever someone reaches for the items, they should be immediately reminded of your brand.  The more usesful the item is - the more people will be exposed to it.

4.  Keep a Budget in Mind

You want a gift to help your profit, so be careful not to go overboard with lavish, expensive items if you can't afford to.  The money you spend on corporate gifts is like an investment.  Set aside a budget that can be tapped into whenever you want to offer a gift.

Tip* Corporate gifting isn't always a one-time thing.  Regular giveaways are often better received than a complimentary item once a year.

Giving gifts to employees, customers, clients, or colleagues more often will help keep your business in their thoughts.  In addition, the budget will help ensure you're not overspending which might negatively impact your bottom line.

5.  Make it Personal

Another way you can use corporate gifting to grow your business is by adding a personal touch to the gift.

Even a small thank you note can go a long way.  With that being said, make sure not to get too specific.  For example, if you're giving away a corporate gift during the holiday season, don't leave a note that says "Merry Christmas".  Not everyone celebrates, and you don't want to make anyone feel excluded.  Instead, say something like "Happy Holidays" or "Wishing You a Wonderful New Year."

Who Should Receive a Gift? 

Who are the people that make your business possible?  Of course, your employees are essential, but what about partners, contractors, vendors, and other companies?  It's worth making sure everyone who contributes to your business feels appreciated.  That way, they'll be more likely to impact your company positively.

Also, corporate gifts don't have to break the bank.  If you're considering a lot of an item, be sure to choose a cost-friendly corporate gift.

The Top Corporate Gifting Trends in 2021

Choosing the perfect gift is hard.  Corporate gifts are usually sent to multiple recipients, and finding something that works for everyone can be challenging.  The corporate gifting trends in 2021 were all about making things as personalized as possible.

With more people working from home, a lot of human interaction in the workplace is lost in countless video chats and virtual team meetings.  As a result, more companies are seeking ways to add a much-needed personal touch back into the working environment. 

The Wallet Ninja is a sleek everyday tool that you can carry around in your wallet.  This handy device hits all the marks on the list.  Use the Wallet Ninja Custom Shop to design your next corporate gift.