By Daniel Kalotov

Promo Marketing Ideas That You'll Be Remembered By

Think beyond just gifts

Promo marketing - the concept of using swag and giveaways to promote your brand - isn't new. It's been around since before people used the word swag to describe the promo merchandise.

But sometimes it can be a bit difficult to come up with new and creative ways to use promo marketing to give out freebies and offer giveaways.

How can you use promo materials to ensure people remember you?

Here are four ideas:

1. Empower your employees to give out some materials

Encourage employees to wear promotional t-shirts, use branded pens, or carry a branded keychain in their every day life.

Give them extras and suggest that when someone comments on their shirt, pen, keychain, etc., that they give the person one. This not only spreads word of your brand, but puts the power in the hands of your employees.

Making them feel invested and powerful makes them more loyal and willing to spread the word.

2. Retain current or past customers with a little swag

"Adding a promotional product to the media mix increased brand interest 69% and a good impression of the brand (84%)" -

Ideally, you have a contact list of current and previous customers, and possibly people who expressed interest by never actually became a customer.

Go through this list occasionally and send some of these people a few little gifts. The promotional merchandise reminds them you exist, and encourages them to come back (or reconsider you).

It can be something very small, like a pen or keychain, or something a little larger, like a tote bag or sweatshirt. Include a personalized note encouraging them to give you a call so you can help them find what they need, so they'll feel as though this is a personal gift, rather than a promotional opportunity.

3. Include them in donations

Promote your business, and a little goodwill, at the same time by including your goodies in donations

Donate writing pads and branded pens to local schools, or include pens, keychains or bookmarks in gift baskets for new moms at local hospitals or families who have just bought a home.

Include other items that are also useful, and add a small card or note that congratulates the new family and is signed by you and your company.

4. Sponsor or host a local event

Work together with a local blood bank to sponsor a blood drive.

Host a walk-a-thon to gather donations for a local charity, or host a family day at a local park with games, facepainting, and food for the whole family. Offer goodie bags to attendees that contain your promotional merchandise.

Those who participate will remember the fun they had, and associate that with you. Giveaways are a traditional, and proven, way to get your name out there.

But sometimes, promo marketing takes thinking a little outside the box to come up with a new and creative way to get people to remember you. Try asking employees for other suggestions.

The more creative your method of offering your freebies, the more likely that people will remember you.



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