By Daniel Kalotov

Why the Wallet Ninja is The Best Promotional Gift

It’s no secret that one of the most effective ways to increase brand recognition and sales is by providing promotional gifts to current and prospective customers. Customizable swag has been around for decades, but long gone are the days when slapping your logo on a pen, t-shirt, or coffee mug was enough to improve your brand awareness.

Not to mention 2020 brought us a year of unprecedented changes to tradeshows and events. Even as live gatherings begin to return, the best promotional giveaway ideas have changed. Influenced by virtual conferences and a rise in corporate gifting, promotional product trends have shifted to focus on quality over quantity. 

So what makes the best promotional giveaways? Whether a virtual or in-person tradeshow, the key is to pick high-quality gifts that people actually want. Read on to learn the secrets of tradeshow gift giving and how the Wallet Ninja is the ultimate swag bag filler.


​​What Makes a Good Promotional Gift?

Trinkets with a logo on them are not cutting it anymore. Instead of a useless throw-away item, think customizable swag that serves a purpose. The longer your promo gift is kept, the better chances others will see your brand name. The best promotional giveaways should be well-designed, represent your company well, reinforce brand relevance, and be helpful to the person receiving them.


What is The Wallet Ninja?

Give your customers something they’ll remember. The Wallet Ninja is a multi-use tool the size of a credit card featuring everything from a phone stand and a bottle opener to a fruit peeler and so much more. Find 18 useful everyday tools packed into a single piece of lightweight steel.

The Wallet Ninja is the ultimate customizable swag item. Personalize each unit with your company’s logo, brand colors, and contact information. It’s the size of a business card and replaces 18 individual tools you’ll find throughout your home. Additionally, the Wallet Ninja never runs out of batteries or breaks. It’s TSA-approved and boasts a lifetime guarantee never to rust, bend, or dull.


Why the Wallet Ninja is the Best Promotional Gift


More often than not, freebies end up in the trash, sitting in your desk drawer, or hidden away in your closet. However, if a promotional item provides immediate value, rest assured that people will keep them. Things people will use or need in their daily lives are always more well-received than novelty items.

Need promotional giveaway ideas? Here are a few reasons to consider gifting Wallet Ninjas at your next in-person or virtual event. 

Maximize Your Marketing Strategy - We get it. You want promotional gifts that inspire action, emotion, and loyalty for your brand. Customizable swag is one of the best ways to leave a lasting impression. Wallet Ninjas are 100% customizable, meaning we add your company or brand’s logo, text, and colors to the exterior of the tool.

You can also customize the quantity. For example, select from 100 to 2000+ Wallet Ninjas to make a lasting impression during your next show, promotion, or store giveaway.

The Wallet Ninja is Flexible - Virtual giveaway products are here to stay. The return of in-person tradeshows is undoubtedly exciting. However, we can’t predict when things will be entirely back to ‘normal.’ A good rule of thumb is to plan for a mixture of in-person and virtual trade shows.

The Wallet Ninja is a more personalized, high-quality item that can be just as quickly shipped instead of simply handed out at a convention center. Customizable swag helps form a personal connection, even in the virtual world. Help recreate the human experience with colleagues and customers, even if you can’t meet in person.

Durability - The Wallet Ninja is made using 4x heat-treated stainless steel. The 3.3 x 0.1 x 2.1 inches card is made to last. Give your customers and clients something worth keeping because it serves a purpose. The Wallet Ninja is virtually unbreakable, meaning your company logo, colors, and text will forever remain on the item.

The Wallet Ninja is Memorable - We’ve all seen (and probably thrown away) plenty of promotional products. It’s not every day you’re gifted something that’s genuinely useful at an event or a tradeshow. Easily send your attendees 18 useful, everyday tools in a compact card the size of your credit card.

The Wallet Ninja isn’t your run-of-the-mill item. Instead, it’s entirely gender-neutral and can benefit users in multiple different ways. These credit card-sized tools have become a household staple. Plus, they’re the type of item that if recipients don’t keep one for themselves, they’re likely to pass it along to someone else.

Informative - You’d be surprised how much info you can pack onto a card that fits in your wallet. The best promo items should carry some form of information that tells the recipient about who you are. Display your logo, motto, address, email, or phone number on the Wallet Ninja.

Plus, the Wallet Ninja has two sides, so you’ll have plenty of space to get the word out about your company.

People Appreciate Thoughtful Products - The best promotional giveaways should help give your target audience a taste of who you are as a company through promo items. When you put thought into the items, it shows that you value the recipient.


Gift the Wallet Ninja at Your Next Event

Believe it or not, but even a free product can reflect poorly on your brand if it’s faulty or cheaply made, leaving behind a negative impression of your company. Trade show giveaways should get you one step closer to streamlining your marketing strategy. Instead of giving away shirts, notepads, or hats, giveaway an item your audience can use multiple times per day.


Promotional giveaways just got a whole lot better. Select from the Wallet Ninja Classic, 2.0, or the new PRO model for even more convenient tools at your fingertips.