By Daniel Kalotov

Corporate Gifting: 10 Rules To Help You Choose The Best Gift

There’s always a reason for corporate gifting. Whether you want to further business ties, show your gratitude, or build brand awareness, a small corporate gift can go a long way. With that being said, finding the best corporate gifts for clients, customers, business partners, and employees isn’t always so simple. 

Use these 10 practical tips to help you choose the best corporate gifts this year. 

  1. Give Something Useful 

The best corporate gift ideas can help any brand grow. But we’re talking beyond a traditional pen or notebook here. The best corporate gifts are the ones that are used daily, solve a problem, and make life easier. Corporate gifts should remind your recipients that there’s a person and a business behind that logo who cares. 

A great example is the Wallet Ninja. The compact wallet tool hits all three spots. It’s easy to use, compact and can be used multiple times every day. 


  1. Stick to a Budget

Before you begin shopping for the best corporate gift, put a budget in place and stick to it. Corporate gifting is an investment. So consider how much you can afford without hurting your cash flow. 

 Corporate gifts don’t have to be ultra-expensive either. There are plenty of budget-friendly marketing gifts that won’t cost you a small fortune. 

  1. Gift Responsibly 

A big no-no in the corporate gifting world is giving away items that are not suitable for everyone. For example, food and alcohol are never a good idea. Not everyone consumes alcohol, and food brings the risks of allergies and spoiling. 

Even if you’re thinking about going with “safe” food items like chocolate or coffee, it’s always best to stay away from anything perishable. Also, you may have to carry these gifts to an event. Think small, compact, and lightweight - your back will thank you!


  1. Personal Always Beats Generic 

We’re losing human connections by the minute. So business gifts should always have a personalized message. Whether you include a card, company logo, or other branding messages when you make this more personal, your corporate gifts feel more genuine.

If you’re only giving away a few corporate gifts, you can also address each one. However, if you’re looking for a bulk gift to give away by the hundreds, a simple thank you should do. 


  1. Keep it Relevant 

One of the best things about corporate gifting is free advertisement. The main purpose of giving away free items (other than to show appreciation) is to hopefully generate more business. Whenever a person uses the gift, they should think about your brand or business. One of the best ways to keep things relevant is customizing corporate gifts. 

Look for items that you can brand with your colors, contact information, logo, or any other marketing content relative to your business. 


  1. Quality is Important 

We all have enough old pens, mugs, and free junk from trade shows lying around. Slapping a logo on a cheap promo item is no longer enough. Remember that whichever corporate gift you give will reflect on your brand or business. 

A low-quality item could give off the impression that you don’t care - even if it’s a free gift! On the other hand, when you choose a valuable, functional, and quality item, you humanize your brand in a way. 


  1. Plan Ahead 

Global supply chain issues are causing inventory shortfall and shipping delays. To avoid any mishaps, it’s best to plan your corporate gifting strategy with plenty of time to spare. This way, you can take your time and not feel pressured to purchase any random thing solely because it’s in stock and ready to ship. 

  1. Don’t Go Overboard 

Whether you’re looking for a bulk gift for an upcoming trade show or want to give away an item when a customer makes a purchase, it’s important to maintain some minimalism. Sending a gift that’s too expensive or elaborate could imply you’re attempting to buy a client’s business. The last thing you want is to come off pushy. 

Instead, show your gratitude for your relationship with this person with a practical gift. There’s a fine line between being appreciative and what some might consider bribery. 

  1. Consider the Presentation 

Your corporate gift should look like a well-planned gesture. Consider investing in gift boxes or gift bags - it will look like you took more time and energy into the gift rather than just handing someone an unwrapped item. 

Consider adding a thank you note with your company name to make it even more personal. 

  1. It’s Always Gift-Giving Season

Showing appreciation is a year-round event. While many of us associate the holiday season with presents, the best corporate gifts can be shared any time of the year. 

Giving out freebies to clients, customers, or team members throughout the year is a great way to boost morale, brand awareness and create better relationships. 

#1 Corporate Gift - The Wallet Ninja

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