By Daniel Kalotov

Custom Metal Business Cards


Every business owner needs to create an effective marketing strategy. You have to be able to promote your business and stay relevant despite the ever-increasing competition. That means you will be required to come up with some quite creative promotional material, something that guarantees you stand out from the crowd. You want your potential customer base to be able to remember your name easily, so when the time comes that they need what you have to offer, your products spring to mind. One way you can stay in the mind of your customer is by utilizing the custom Wallet Ninja. This is far more than just a stylish and straightforward metal business card. In fact, it doubles up to 18 tools and fits perfectly inside your customerā€™s wallet. So, every time the customer uses your card to open a bottle or can, your name will slowly and surely be etched into their mind.


When you order a metal business card from us you are guaranteed a quality and sturdy product. Despite the material and its multifunctionality, it is lightweight and fits into the credit card slot of any wallet. Moreover, cards are fully customizable. That means you can add your logo and branding on both sides of the card, and you can implement any color and font to suit your individual requirements. You can choose between a glossy or matte finish. Therefore you can create utterly personal business cards. Whatā€™s more is that you have the option of selecting foil business cards or gold foil business cards for that added je ne sais quoi. When a customer holds your business card in their hands, quality, originality, and customer care will be screaming at them.


As opposed to the usual paper/card business cards, metal business cards are far superior and much more impressive. The texture and temperature leave an impression on the hand. Whatā€™s more, with 18 tools integrated into the design, you will find people really taking notice of the card. It is a great talking point, and this will give you the edge over your competitors. They are so many benefits of metal business cards.



Metal, foil, and, gold foil business cards will make you appear from a different class to your competitors. They allow you to appear lavish and upmarket, which will indicate the quality of the service or product you are selling. You can use metal to display high-quality coloring, including gold, silver, rose, and chrome, which will add to the overall allure.



Despite the intricacies of the design, the Custom Wallet Ninja is the perfect card to bulk buy. Depending on the quantity, you can purchase the card for a little as $2.45 a unit. The Wallet Ninja is a great business card product that can easily be supplied in large numbers, and you can then hand them out at events, etc. Whatā€™s more, you donā€™t have to worry about your metal business cards getting bent or misshapen, so when you offer the card out, it will always be as if it were brand new.